Designed for PC, Mac, iOS, and Android (Consoles may come in the future)

Adventure, Explore, and Discover where you came from in a new world where those that reach for the stars can sometimes reach them.

StarCatcher is an old school 2D Role Playing Adventure. It is focused on Story and Gameplay experience to allow you the player to explore a world and get to know those who inhabit it. You'll find awesome loot and customize your character as you progress throughout the story and the choices you make will impact the outcome of your adventure. Not all those who embark on a journey can see it to its end, and not all who see it to the end find themselves where they'd like to be. As you take your first steps in this world you'll have to choose who you want to become and what you want to accomplish, and if you don't choose then the choices will be made for you and the consquences will follow your character; good or bad.

Art Style

DM Tools
DM Tools

We are choosing to go with an older style of 2D art to showcase the story of this game. We feel there is a sense of magic with this art style that can help focus on the story as well as deliver a fun experience that can be had almost anywhere by anyone. There's a magic and beauty to the art and we found this style best fits the story we want to share with you. Dorgann has long been a fan of this art style and has played many titles that share similar designs.


Created by Mulock Shadowshade, the music in StarCatcher is meant to help express the story by helping immerse you in the environments that you are in. The music has been created by hand specifically for each environment that it is unique to. Mulock has long had an interest in music and has been creating orginal pieces since he has been in High-school.

The Start of Something New

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We believe that good story telling is important to any videogame. With videogames there's an opportunity for the player to put themselves in the shoes of another or be able to express themselves and experiment with new ideas and concepts. With that being said story is important to us and important to StarCatcher.
The story of StarCatcher allows you as a player to enter the story and make your own choices. Choices impact the environment around you and, even though you may not be the center of the universe, you impact certain aspects of the story as you go. It's about what you decide to do given the chances and opporutnities you receive. Will you reach for the stars or will you relax in comfortable complacency? They say that those who reach for the stars just sometimes catch one, but it's a dangerous path that requires dedication and sacrifice.


Currently we are designing for Steam, Android, and iOS. Steam will include Linux, Windows, and MacOS. In the future we wish to expand our story to Xbox, Playstation, and Switch so a wider audience can share in our story.

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